City Of Wendover


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Utility bills are due the 20th of every month. a $15 late fee is added to every account not paid by the due date. Water shut off date is the 1st of every month on past due accounts.


The following minimum fees will be charged each month per water meter:

                        ½ inch meter                           $22.15                        up to 6800 gallons                              

                        1 inch meter                            $48.88                       up to 15,000 gallons
                        1-1/2 inch meter                      $146.40                      up to 45,000 gallons
                        2 inch meter                            $195.58                       up to 60,000 gallons
                        3 inch meter                            $293.37                      up to 90,000 gallons
                        4 inch meter                            $782.35                       up to 240,000 gallons
                        6 inch meter                            $1,770.07                    up to 543,000 gallons
                        8 inch meter                            $3056.68                    up to 938,300 gallons

Any person or persons using any water in excess of the minimum allowed each month, as set forth above, shall pay for the said excess water at the rate of Three Dollars and seven cents ($3.25) per one thousand (1,000) gallons thereafter.


A.        Any and all individuals requiring water from fire hydrant(s) must obtain a hydrant meter from the City of Wendover and pay a meter deposit described therein. No substitute meter may be used.
B.        A deposit of five hundred dollars ($500.00) for the hydrant meter shall be paid upon obtaining the hydrant meter from the City. Upon completion of the water service the deposit will be refunded, less the fee for water used described `  herein, and less the cost to repair any damage to the meter, attached valves and hydrant.
C.        The minimum fee for hydrant water usage will be $30.83 up to 6,800 gallons and   three dollars and eighty three ($4.06) per one thousand (1,000) gallons thereafter.


A.        The following water connection fees shall be charged for each and every new  water connection

            ½ inch water line                                             $800.00
            1 inch water line                                              $1,600.00
            1-1/2 inch water line                                       $2,720.00
            2 inch water line                                              $6,400.00
            3 inch water line                                              $14,400.00
            4 inch water line                                              $25,600.00
            6 inch water line                                              $57,600.00
            8 inch water line                                              $99,490.00

B.        For enlargement of an existing Water Service, a connection fee is charged only for the difference between the connection fee for the new meter and the connection fee for the replacement meter.

A.        Sewer fees shall be levied for all residents and businesses connected to the  City of Wendover, Utah sewer system.

            (1)        Motel/Hotel/Inns/Dorms                      $8.29 per room per month.
                        Residential                                          $14.76 per connection per month.