City Of Wendover

Wendover Fire is now accepting applications for volunteer firefighters......
Are you interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter with Wendover City Fire Department? Here is information for your consideration.

-You must be at least 18 years of age
-Possess a valid drivers license
-You must complete and submit an application to the fire department.
-Your application will be reviewed by the Fire Chief -You will be interviewed by a panel of current Captain and Lieutenants -Complete a Department of Justice criminal history report.
-If successful in completing and passing the above items, you will be enrolled in a fire academy (in house) and will have 6 months to finish and pass .
Are you or someone you know 13-18 years old??...
-Cadet program is now accepting applications -Upon graduation or turning 18 you could earn grant money for college or Free fire academy.
-Be whiling to dedicate 40 hours a month volunteer work to the fire department -Parents approval needed for ride along -No criminal history

Personal Qualities
-You must be a team player. firefighters work in teams, not alone -You must have good interpersonal skills and be able to communicate well with others (fellow firefighters and the public) -You must be able to keep information private.Details of certain types of emergencies are prohibited by law from sharing -You must be able to handle physical work, lifting heavy loads, working with tools and equipment, walk or hike distances, climb ladders -You must be able to handle seeing and experiencing traumatic, violent and emotional situations

If interested please come to 151 south 9th street for an application