City Of Wendover


NOTICE is hereby given that Wendover City will hold a City election to fill three (3) City Council positions, each for a four-year term and two (2) City Council positions, each for a two-year term. Wendover City is a partisan election process. Nominations for seats will be held at a convention on May 28th. Nominated candidates are selected through its Caucus or Convention which are republican & democrat. This process is designed so that each Political Party will nominate one candidate for each seat that is up for election. Given a sufficient number of candidates, the General Election will be held on November 5, 2019. Qualifications for a candidate are: (1) Registered voter in the municipality in which the individual is elected* (2) Must have resided within the municipality for which the candidate is seeking office for the 12 consecutive months immediately before the date of the election (3) Pay filing fee, if one is required by municipal ordinance (4) Not convicted of a felony** Qualified nominated candidates may file a Declaration of Candidacy form or a Petition may be filed in behalf of a qualified person. The filing is to be done in person with Devan Clevenger, Wendover City Recorder unless individuals are subject to Section 20A-9-203(3)(b) of the Utah Code. The filing period is from June 3, 2019 thru June 7, 2019 and not later than 5:00 p.m. on the last day of filing. Write-in candidates must file a 'write-in declaration' by September 6th, 2019.