Public Announcement from the City of Wendover

Here at the City of Wendover the Mayor and city staff have been monitoring all the COVID-19 updates. At this time the city is following the instructions presented by both Governor Herbert and the Tooele County Health Department and enforcing the current bans and stipulations and are in effect until April 1st, 2020 unless further extended.

Restaurants are to discontinue dine-in and is to only allow curbside, drive through, take-out and delivery. Gyms, and fitness centers are to remain closed until further notice.

Motels will remain open however, there is to be no continental breakfast and dining areas inside are to remain closed.

Hair and nail salons we ask that if your client appears to be sick or calls in sounding sick to reschedule and also to please inquire about their most recent traveling and if the customer has been in a area where a case was reported to reschedule them for a later date.

We ask all business owners that if your employee is sick or appears to be sick to be diligent and allow the employee to stay home to help in slowing the possible spread of the virus

The city would also like to advise people that if avoid non-essential travel and the state has prohibited public gatherings of 11 or more individuals.

Mayor Mike Crawford and Public Safety Director Ken Quirk have been working with our local businesses and citizens to help ease the confusion. This has been a tough time for us all and we ask to be patient and try to follow the emergency protocols.


Posted March 18, 2020

You can now make your utility payments online. Click the online payment button. Please be sure to have your account number and total amount due.

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City Of Wendover

Wendover is a small town with a population close to 1407 that sits on the Utah/ Nevada state border. The town was first established in 1907 as a railroad town. Wendover was always known as the gateway to Utah. The sister town known as West Wendover, Nevada was established in 1991.  Besides being the main attraction for gamblers from the Salt Lake City area. Wendover is also known for its small pieces of history including the famous Enola Gay Bomber and the Bonneville Salt Flats. Don’t forget to explore other parts of Wendover from historic to recreations. 

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Friday April 10th, 2020

Mayor Crawford Update;

According to the Tooele County Health Department, as of Friday April 10th, 2020 no positive Covid-19 Virus cses in Wendover, Utah! But there is one positive in West Wendover. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Respect each other.